2014 m. gruodžio 4 d., ketvirtadienis


Ilgokai cia besilankiau ir tam yra pora priezasciu:

 Neturiu cia lietuviskos kliaviaturos, todel atleiskite uz savotiska nerastinguma...

    1. Mano tinklarastis persikrauste i kita adresa ir pakeite varda. Uzsukite i /http://maashismaash.blogspot.fr/
Lauksiu jusu nuomones.

     2.  Kartu su tinklarasciu persikrausciau ir as :)

Tai tiek ziniu. Lauksiu jusu naujuose internetiniuose namuose!

2014 m. vasario 28 d., penktadienis


Friday night and I'm spending it on Facebook, looking at my old prom pictures. No, no, i'm not mumbling, I ( finally) watched "Frozen". Heard so much about it at work that it just made me feel like I must watch it, well, to make my own opinion. And I guess it's better than "Brave", but hey, enough about Disney movies here! ;)

So all that old pictures checking made me kinda nostalgic about good-old school times.
Well, it's a good thing that all my memories are full of smiles, laughs and fun. Feels like I even miss homework time after time. :)

In the other hand isn't it crazy how much everything changed? My friends. Me.
And friendships which i thought will last forever...
Stuff that we used to talk about back then and now. It all feels so crazy and natural at the same time.

Wish we could all get back together and  just laugh and remember all those times :)

2014 m. sausio 1 d., trečiadienis

New Year

So here it is : first day of the new year.
The day then you open facebook and see all those pictures and happy ' New Year' faces.
How was my New Year? Amazing, since I have never ever spend it alone before.
I went to the Eiffel Tower  where were so many people and it's amazing how lonely you can feel next to all those thousands happy faces around you. Stayed there for an hour with a hope for the fireworks but I guess it was cancelled cause at midnight we had, well nothing. 00.05 - nothing, 00.10- still nothing and I just decided to go home. Funny, didn't even manage to get my New Year's wish cause I simply missed the last minute of the 2013.

At home, cold and terribly sorry for myself I just, well made not such a good decision. Which makes me feel like crap today cause I managed to disappoint somebody I love a lot. Which makes me feel sad for him and myself.

Hm, people say that new year is the new start and new hope but well if you finish year like that how can you expect something better? To be honest, I don't even feel that something changed. It's just another day with a little change in a date writing.

Anyway, if somebody feels like they had the crappy new years eve, Hope I made you feel better about yourself. at least you're not alone ;)

2013 m. lapkričio 19 d., antradienis


I’m 22 and I have no idea what do I want to do in the future. No jokes, I’m serious.
Couple of days ago my mom asked me : What are your plans for  the future? What would you like to study, where would you like to live?
And guess what, I couldn’t answer even a single question. Is it because I live in this day or is it cause I’m stucked in the teenager life or should I say feelings?
Well, I don’t live with my parents ( in fact my parents live far far away-  I’m in France and they’re in Lithuania), I’m living on my own. But why, oh why I have zero carier goals? I mean, at this age of mine, I’m suppose to know what kind of studies would be interesting for me or what’s the job of my dreams.
But here I am, realistic enough to understand that I am no good as a singer , actress or writer. I even can understand that I probably havo no chances to become a good journalist, here in France. My accent won’t disappear and I’ll always be somebody from abroad.
They tought us at school that you have o ask questions, so I did. What do you like? What’s interesting for you?
And huh, answers are not helping a lot. I love books, reading is one of my favorite things. Everybody knows it. But what can I do with it? Study literature? And then what? Work in a library? I have some doubts about it… Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably, a nice job, but not for me. I want something creative but still, hm, I guess the right word would be realistic.
Commercials, publishing. Sounds amazing, but… I have no money for those private schools.
And then again, am I crazy? Studying in french will be extra difficult for me… but well, it’s possible, isn’t it? It’s just a language what you can learn, right?

2013 m. liepos 26 d., penktadienis

tik tiek

Ech, pagaliau, sakau, kad štai ir vėl, be sąžinės graužaties galiu skaityti knygas- lietuviškas ar angliškas, svarbu, kad tas, kurių trokšta širdis.

O šiandien labai norisi patingėti ir kambarį susitvarkyti. Sudėlioti viską į lentynas ir stalčiukus. Gerti arbatą, graužti sausainius.

Tiesa, vis dažniau pastebiu, kaip šiems namams trūksta vyriškos rankos- vis kas nors sugriūva, lūžta ar stringa...

2013 m. liepos 13 d., šeštadienis


Oh summer! And that means holidays! Yes1 I already had mine. In july, not august, as usual.
It was really great: meeting my friends, visiting our beautiful Nida, spending time with my lovely family. I really had an amazing time! :)

Now I'm back to Paris, still having couple of free days which I'm suppose to use for studying. BUT there's a problem: I just CAN'T force myself to study!!! Seriously, even now I'm suppose to be studying...
To be honest, I was thinking about new blog post for a while and had no inspiration at all, but at moment when I opened my french text book... BAM! He I am writing a new post!!!

Really, guys, I have a problem!!! I can't concentrate and it drives me crazy!

Please, please, if you are reading this, I need your piece of advice- HOW to concentrate and make some productive studying?

Test's date comes closer and closer and it just freaks me out...

2013 m. birželio 23 d., sekmadienis

My fete de la musique

So, there was that "Fete de la musique " on friday in Paris and I was hoping that I will have something to write about.
But all I have to say is... I think music day in Klaipeda or Vilnius is more interesting and even more exciting.
Of course it was really nice to spend evening with couple of friends, meet some new ones but the city was way too crowded. Yes, yes, it's Paris and it's huge, and it's summer so lots of tourists and so on and so on. I understand. Or maybe it's because we had no plan at all, but somehow I missed that day then you can sit somewhere with your friends, talk, eat, drink, chill and just listen to new good ( or bad) music.
Anyway, we walked a lot and it was funny to see those teenagers with drinks ( I guess, it's same in all the countries :D ) who pretend to be  grown ups.  I really liked some drum band. They were really energetic and the music makes you wanna dance!

However, I finished my day with a huge headache. Plus, next day I heard that there was Franz Ferdinand playing in Paris for free and I can't believe that I missed that chance to see them!!! But there's a good thing as well: Cyril was checking when's the next time they're playing here and he showed me some really cool bands which I never heard before. Definitely gonna check them!