2014 m. sausio 1 d., trečiadienis

New Year

So here it is : first day of the new year.
The day then you open facebook and see all those pictures and happy ' New Year' faces.
How was my New Year? Amazing, since I have never ever spend it alone before.
I went to the Eiffel Tower  where were so many people and it's amazing how lonely you can feel next to all those thousands happy faces around you. Stayed there for an hour with a hope for the fireworks but I guess it was cancelled cause at midnight we had, well nothing. 00.05 - nothing, 00.10- still nothing and I just decided to go home. Funny, didn't even manage to get my New Year's wish cause I simply missed the last minute of the 2013.

At home, cold and terribly sorry for myself I just, well made not such a good decision. Which makes me feel like crap today cause I managed to disappoint somebody I love a lot. Which makes me feel sad for him and myself.

Hm, people say that new year is the new start and new hope but well if you finish year like that how can you expect something better? To be honest, I don't even feel that something changed. It's just another day with a little change in a date writing.

Anyway, if somebody feels like they had the crappy new years eve, Hope I made you feel better about yourself. at least you're not alone ;)

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