2013 m. liepos 13 d., šeštadienis


Oh summer! And that means holidays! Yes1 I already had mine. In july, not august, as usual.
It was really great: meeting my friends, visiting our beautiful Nida, spending time with my lovely family. I really had an amazing time! :)

Now I'm back to Paris, still having couple of free days which I'm suppose to use for studying. BUT there's a problem: I just CAN'T force myself to study!!! Seriously, even now I'm suppose to be studying...
To be honest, I was thinking about new blog post for a while and had no inspiration at all, but at moment when I opened my french text book... BAM! He I am writing a new post!!!

Really, guys, I have a problem!!! I can't concentrate and it drives me crazy!

Please, please, if you are reading this, I need your piece of advice- HOW to concentrate and make some productive studying?

Test's date comes closer and closer and it just freaks me out...

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