2014 m. vasario 28 d., penktadienis


Friday night and I'm spending it on Facebook, looking at my old prom pictures. No, no, i'm not mumbling, I ( finally) watched "Frozen". Heard so much about it at work that it just made me feel like I must watch it, well, to make my own opinion. And I guess it's better than "Brave", but hey, enough about Disney movies here! ;)

So all that old pictures checking made me kinda nostalgic about good-old school times.
Well, it's a good thing that all my memories are full of smiles, laughs and fun. Feels like I even miss homework time after time. :)

In the other hand isn't it crazy how much everything changed? My friends. Me.
And friendships which i thought will last forever...
Stuff that we used to talk about back then and now. It all feels so crazy and natural at the same time.

Wish we could all get back together and  just laugh and remember all those times :)

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