2013 m. birželio 23 d., sekmadienis

My fete de la musique

So, there was that "Fete de la musique " on friday in Paris and I was hoping that I will have something to write about.
But all I have to say is... I think music day in Klaipeda or Vilnius is more interesting and even more exciting.
Of course it was really nice to spend evening with couple of friends, meet some new ones but the city was way too crowded. Yes, yes, it's Paris and it's huge, and it's summer so lots of tourists and so on and so on. I understand. Or maybe it's because we had no plan at all, but somehow I missed that day then you can sit somewhere with your friends, talk, eat, drink, chill and just listen to new good ( or bad) music.
Anyway, we walked a lot and it was funny to see those teenagers with drinks ( I guess, it's same in all the countries :D ) who pretend to be  grown ups.  I really liked some drum band. They were really energetic and the music makes you wanna dance!

However, I finished my day with a huge headache. Plus, next day I heard that there was Franz Ferdinand playing in Paris for free and I can't believe that I missed that chance to see them!!! But there's a good thing as well: Cyril was checking when's the next time they're playing here and he showed me some really cool bands which I never heard before. Definitely gonna check them!

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