2013 m. lapkričio 19 d., antradienis


I’m 22 and I have no idea what do I want to do in the future. No jokes, I’m serious.
Couple of days ago my mom asked me : What are your plans for  the future? What would you like to study, where would you like to live?
And guess what, I couldn’t answer even a single question. Is it because I live in this day or is it cause I’m stucked in the teenager life or should I say feelings?
Well, I don’t live with my parents ( in fact my parents live far far away-  I’m in France and they’re in Lithuania), I’m living on my own. But why, oh why I have zero carier goals? I mean, at this age of mine, I’m suppose to know what kind of studies would be interesting for me or what’s the job of my dreams.
But here I am, realistic enough to understand that I am no good as a singer , actress or writer. I even can understand that I probably havo no chances to become a good journalist, here in France. My accent won’t disappear and I’ll always be somebody from abroad.
They tought us at school that you have o ask questions, so I did. What do you like? What’s interesting for you?
And huh, answers are not helping a lot. I love books, reading is one of my favorite things. Everybody knows it. But what can I do with it? Study literature? And then what? Work in a library? I have some doubts about it… Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably, a nice job, but not for me. I want something creative but still, hm, I guess the right word would be realistic.
Commercials, publishing. Sounds amazing, but… I have no money for those private schools.
And then again, am I crazy? Studying in french will be extra difficult for me… but well, it’s possible, isn’t it? It’s just a language what you can learn, right?