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Bank story

All this thing happened at the bank to me today.
We got in, and had to wait for a while, since there was a lady talking in front of us. And, well, since she was talking non-stop, I've got a closer look at her. 
Lady was about 50 years old, wearing flip flops and green nail polish, big super blue hat with a huge butterfly in front of it, also big orange and plastic earrings and very colourful scarf. To sum up, her look was something "wow", i mean, come on, she obviously just loves colours, right?
So, my friend and I are waiting, when suddenly the woman who works there comes closer to us and asks if we have a meeting here with somebody. As long as my friend is french, he explains all my story to the bank-lady: why I'm here and what do I need.
She smiles and says : 
- Awwww, she's shy this girl, isn't she?
Smile back and I answer that I actually don't speak french so well.
- That's cute, - says bank- lady.
Then the colourful lady turns to me and asks if I can understand french. Yup, I can. To be honest, I can understand more than I can say.  The lady just drops it:
- Good. Plus your beautiful. 
Bank- lady agrees, I say "thank you" and it starts. They talk and talk about me. 
Colourful lady:
- Seriously, just look at her nose! It's super cute! And so small. Do you think she can use a napkin, I mean it's so small i could eat it.

I've NEVER blushed and laughed at the exactly same time SO much. By the end of their conversation I even forgot WHY I came here in the first place.

So, why I'm telling this story? Come on! How often it could happen in the BANK, right? :) Isn't it suppose to be a very serious place?

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